All universe of the savage animals at your disposal.

Le dressage du tigre
Since 1854 Gruss fill with wonder the witnesses with their talent and their know-how.

An exemplary family where 4 generations are found on the track of one circus to old. Among them, a great name of the circus, YANN GRUSS, which amongst other things proposes numbers of raising of tigers.

Yann Gruss
Yann & Chantal gruss avec le petit dernier
Chantal Gruss

Yann gruss, a child of the ball, which knew with the passing of years to cultivate this family gift of the art of raising, and to work with a great diversity of animals,et in particular the savage animals,du smaller with largest, puppy with the elephant.

Confidence and professionalism, the experiment and the passion of the animals will make the success of your project.








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